This Xlink Bluetooth Gateway model lets you easily combine your landline service and home or small office telephone system with up to three Bluetooth™ mobile phones.

There are no extra cables or modules to buy!

That’s right, you can create a multi-line phone system using your cell phone and existing landline with this Xlink Gateway for only $169.99 plus shipping.

The ITC-BTTN is for you if…

  1. You need to keep your phone company landline service in your home or small office
  2. You need to link up to three Bluetooth™ cellular phones to your home or small office phone system. The set-up of the device is extremely simple. All you do is plug the device into a power supply, then connect it to a home phone. From here all you have to do is set your Bluetooth-enabled phone to pairing mode, and it will pick up the Xlink…

Compare the XLink ITC-BTTN to Dock-N-Talk. 

The XLink family of products make it possible to send and receive cell phones calls using regular telephones. No more searching for your cell phones – just use regular phones at home or in the office.

Almost any cell phone with Bluetooth wireless technology will work with XLink.

The XLink can simultaneously connect to three different cell phones – one for each family member!

As many standard telephones as desired can be plugged into the back of the XLink.

Whenever any of the connected cell phones ring, all the standard telephones ring also!

Are shopping for a new home phone to go with your Xlink Gateway? We recommend purchasing an SBC cordless phone or corded telephone.

…The connection was easily established and the sound was clear. It connected my cellphone with a standard cordless that I had in the house….

Technical Specifications

  • Safety:
    • UL – Meets or surpasses applicable standards.
    • CE – Meets or surpasses applicable standards.
    • FCC part 15 Class B
    • Lead Free (RoHS) compliant
  • USB:
    • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth:
    • Compliance to class 2 power, Minimum V1.1
    • Handsfree profile
    • Output power 0dBm
    • Frequency 2.4GHz
  • Electrical:
    • Transformer input 110 to 240VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
    • Typical current draw 200mA
    • Operating Voltage: 9 to 12VDC
  • Environment:
    • Operating Temperature 0 to +40 degrees C
    • Storage Temperature -10 to +70 degrees C
    • Operating Humidity 35 to 75% (non condensing)
    • Storage Humidity 20 to 90% (non condensing)
  • XLink Physical:
    • Length 11.5 cm
    • Width 4.5 cm
    • Height 11.2 cm