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3 SEO’s to follow on Twitter

In today’s hectic world, you might not have time to
research everything yourself. Luckily, there is twitter, and there are experts
on there, that love to answer your questions, and connect with you, on a
personal level.

If you’re looking for an SEO consultant to ask a
question or 2, twitter might be your go to place, for now.

Here are three consultants that can help you, if you

Rand Fishkin https://twitter.com/randfish

Rand is the founder of Moz. Moz helps you better
your marketing, by giving you the tools you need. They also provide
software, for you to use, some of which is free. If you’re a member, you also
have access to their training, which is great, by the way. Their most used
software is Open Site Explorer. This is a tool that helps you identify link
building opportunities.

Bryn van Nuissenburg https://twitter.com/SEO_BRYN

Bryn is a Junior SEO, from The Netherlands. With a
background in meditation, and mindfulness, he is capable of keeping a calm head
in tricky situations. At the moment, I think he’s starting his own SEO firm,
but you can find out more about that by sending him a tweet.

 Todd Friesen https://twitter.com/oilman

Todd is ‘Director of Search’ at Salesforce, the
selfproclaimed leader in CRM and cloudcomputing software. Founded in 1999, they
help your customers love you. Isn’t that sweet. Some of their accolades
include ‘top 100 companies to work for, most admired companies, and top 50
smartest companies’.  


There you have it. Three SEO consultants, whom
you can find on Twitter. If your day is hectic, which it probably is, you can
send them a quick tweet. And who knows, you might end up building up a nice