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Are Concealed Carry Holsters Effective?

I read this article and found it very interesting, thought it might be something for you. The solutions offered are meant to serve as a guide to choosing the right holster or holsters for you from the plethora of choices out there. Another solution would be to dispense with either of these types of holsters altogether and instead carry a handgun suitable for a pocket holster. When I’m not on the bike and not wearing the vest is the inside the pants the way to go or is it going to be to much to remember.
I like RKBA holsters The company makes good quality leather carry rigs for an affordable price. They realized that you should never have to settle for second best, so they established Hidden Hybrid Holsters in 2011 to share their creation with others. This is where it get’s challenging as so many holsters are designed for a man’s body. If you want to carry on your waist, try a belt holster that rides tight and close to your body. If you are spending a lot of time seated, it may be faster than a belt-line carry.
Best of all, Clipdraw is a family-owned and run business that proudly builds and hand-finishes their holsters right here in America. I’ve been a fan of Dara Holsters for a few months now, and the company’s IWB holster is my preferred carry rig for my own Shield. In the past few months, we’ve experienced rapid growth in demand for all of our custom fabricated holsters and magazine carriers. Find out more about concealed carry here.
If you’d rather have your pistol a little closer to your hand, an inside the belt concealed holster may be better. Each of our holsters was designed completely from scratch to be extremely concealable, incredibly comfortable, and highly functional. Cook’s Holsters is a family-owned Georgia company that makes a variety of Kydex rigs for the Shield. I’m not sure I would rely on them for law enforcement or military duties, but for concealed carry or range trips, I imagine they will work well for many people. A less expensive alternative for IWB carry is the Galco Stow-N-Go These carry holsters are simple with unfinished leather and a clip to quickly fasten to a belt.
The ComfortTuck is a hybrid-style IWB rig that allows you to tuck a shirt in over the top of the holster. If you prefer your shirt tucked in and intend to only wear a short jacket or sweatshirt, the Inside the Waistband” (IWB) holster is an excellent solution. The holsters that have the loops or clips directly over the gun are less concealable than those with offset loops and clips. Tactical gear powerhouse Blackhawk makes a range of carry rigs for the S&W Shield handguns.
Clipdraw also has a very active social media presence!
Very comfortable and functional for my Glock 19. Was highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend to anyone else who wishes to carry. One-handed holstering is easy as it does not collapse due to its design; this increases safety, as many users with leather or nylon IWB units use their weak hand to reopen the mouth of those holsters…a hazardous move as it places the fingers of one hand near the muzzle. I carry my M&P40 compact in this rig and often times I forget I’m even wearing a holster.