Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. Simply click on the question to reveal it’s answer.

What is Bluetooth?

  • Bluetooth is a simple wireless standard that can often be used to replace cables. Most cell phones now come with Bluetooth built in. Almost any cell phone with built in Bluetooth can communicate with any of the XLINK™ products wirelessly. This is a good thing because it eliminates the need to purchase any sort of extra cables.

What Bluetooth version is used with XLink?

  • Bluetooth Version 2.0.

What Bluetooth profile is supported by XLink?

  • Handsfree Profile.

What may cause interference with Bluetooth connections?

  • 2.4GHz signals and WiFi signals may interfere with Bluetooth connections.To minimize ambient interference 2.4 GHz devices (cordless phones, etc.) should be as far away as is practically possible from both from the XLink and your cell phone. Some cordless phones do not have a problem. So you can try it first with them close to each other and just move them farther away until there are no issues.

Will the XLink support FAX?

  • No. FAX transmissions are not supported.

Your Sony Ericsson keeps connecting and disconnecting?

  • Some cell phones have faulty Bluetooth implementations. In particular the Sony Ericsson w800 and K700 have a bug in their software which causes the Bluetooth link to drop. We have created a patch that allows the XLINK to work properly with these phones. To apply the patch you need to download the XWizard program which can be used to program the patch after it has been extracted from the compressed folder.

Can I use my Home’s Telephone Wiring with XLink?

  • Yes, it is possible to use your existing home wiring. However you must physically disconnect you home wiring from your teleophone service providers Network Interface Device (NID) also called ‘demarc’. 

Are there any monthly fees to use XLink?

  • There are no additional monthly fees to use XLINK, simply set it up and start to use it. Your regular cell phone fees will still apply.

Can I access my voicemail from my regular telephone?

  • Yes, you can access your Voicemail by going offhook, then pressing the ‘1’ then ‘#’ keys on a telephone that is connected to XLink. This connects you to your Voicemail service, similar to pressing and holding the ‘1’ key on your cell phone.
    If this does not work automatically, you can still access your Voicemail from any telephone in the house. You just need to store your Voicemail number into XLink.
    You can store one Voicemail number for each cell phone that is paired to XLink.

Can I choose which cell phone to use when making a call?

  • Yes, each cell phone has its own line number from 1 to 3. You can select the line you want to dial out by pressing the line number and then the FLASH button on your regular phone.
    Each blue button on the top of the XLink is a cell phone line number. The dots indicate which is line 1, line 2 or line 3.
    When you select a line and hear dialtone, you can proceed with your call. If you hear a series of rapid tones, it means that there is no cell phone currently connected to that line. Try another line that has a cell phone paired and connected to it.

Can I use cordless phones with XLink?

  • Yes, you can use cordless phones with XLink. Some 2.4GHz cordless phones may cause interference with the Bluetooth signal. XLink is equipped with the ability to avoid the same channels used by 2.4GHz phones to minimize any interference.

Can I use more than one cell phone with XLink?

  • Yes, you can pair and connect up to 3 bluetooth enabled cellphones to XLink. When any of the connected cell phones ring, all the phones in your house will ring.
    When a cell phone is ringing, a blue light will flash to show you which line is ringing. You can answer any of the lines from any extension set.
    An extension set is any regular corded or cordless telephone that is connected to the XLink, either directly or through the house wiring. See “How to set up XLink” for details.

Can I use voice commands from my regular telephone?

  • Many cellphones have voice commands that are accessible from regular telehones through the XLink. Press ## to enable the voice commands. Usually there will be a beep. After the beep you can say the voice command.

Do I need to get rid of my landline to use XLink?

  • No, you can keep your landline and use the XLINK as line 2, or simply plug a multi handset cordless phone into XLINK.

How can I tell if my phone has Bluetooth?

  • Look on your cell phone box for the bluetooth symbol. It looks like this:
    You can also look in your user guide in the table of contents or the index section that is typically in the back of the user guide.
    You can also look in the menu of your cell phone. It is usually found in the ‘Settings’ menu, under ‘Connections’.
    If you cannot find it, try looking for your phone model on the website of your service provider, they will usually give a list of features such as Bluetooth capability.

If I am on a call with one cell phone, can I answer a call on another cell?

  • Yes, you will hear a call waiting tone, and see the caller ID (If supported by cellphone). Use the FLASH button to answer the second incoming call.

Is my landline necessary to use XLink?

  • No, you do not require a landline to use XLink. XLink uses your cellphone service.

The red light comes on when I set up XLink?

  • This means you have plugged the XLink into an active land line. Unplug the XLink from all the active telephone jacks. You must use wires that are not used by your local telephone company.
    The recommended way to use XLink is to plug a corded or cordless telephone directly into the XLink and not use the house wiring at all. A multi handset cordless phone is ideal for use with XLink.
    If you want to use the house wiring, make sure that you disconnect any active landlines from the wiring.

Which is the prime line if I pair more than one cell phone?

  • Line 1 is the prime line. If you have 3 cell phones connected, and go offhook on an extension set, you will be using the cell phone that is paired with Line 1 (indicated by the single dot on the top of the XLink.
    Each blue button on the top of the XLink is a cell phone line number. The dots indicate which is line 1, line 2 or line 3.
    If you do not pair a cell phone to all 3 lines, XLink will always use the lowest line number for prime line. For example, if you only have a cell phone paired to line 3, then go off hook on an extension set, line 3 will be the prime line. If you have a cell phone paired to line 2 and line 3 and go off hook on an extension set, line 2 will be the prime line.
    It is a good idea to pair the cell phone you will use the most to line 1