IntelliTouch’s XLINK™ Connects
Home/Office Phone to Cell Phones

Revolutionary Docking Device Uses Bluetooth Technology To Connect Up To 3 Cell
Phones To A Regular Phone Simultaneously, Without External Cables Or Modules

San Diego, CA – July 5, 2007 – IntelliTouch has introduced the XLINK™ ITC-BT, a revolutionary new cell phone docking device that connects a home or office telephone to a cell phone.

Using Bluetooth Class 2 wireless technology, XLINK™ ITC-BT can connect up to 3 cell phones to a regular telephone at the same time. If a call comes in on another cell phone, a call-waiting beep alerts you to take the other call.  You can also use more than one cell phone for multi-lines.

The XLINK™ integrated Bluetooth device provides a wireless connection to Bluetooth-enabled cellular phones, eliminating the need for external cables or modules. The system also displays Caller ID numbers from the cell phone on the regular phone’s LCD display, and connects directly to any number of standard telephones using XLink’s built-in RJ11 (standard telephone) jack.

Additional features include call waiting between calls on one and/or multiple cellular phones; integrated echo cancellation for optimal call quality; voice dialing as provided on your cellular phone; speed dialing; and voice mail access.

Users can dial and send numbers manually or automatically, while PC and XLink USB ports can be connected to easily upgrade XLink firmware for added features and functionality.

About IntelliTouch
IntelliTouch is an 18-year-old technology company based in San Diego’s renowned Sorrento Valley.  IntelliTouch is a market leader and innovator in a wide variety of award winning communications convergence technology products for business and consumer applications.